We believe that dog grooming isn’t just about having your dog look and smell nice from the outside – it’s about making your dog more comfortable, happy and healthy on the inside as well. Good grooming habits equate to good health, for dogs and also for those around them.

Our Service

Our dog grooming salon, based in Massey, West Auckland, has been designed for the comfort, safety and health of your dog. It is furnished with the best equipment and stocked with quality professional products. Your dog will be treated like they are one of the family. None of the dogs are hurried, in order to create as little anxiety as possible, so they want to come back and enjoy their grooming experience again. You can rest assured your furry best friend will be treated with total respect, and kindness throughout the grooming process.


Dog grooming is an essential part of becoming a dog owner, and dogs, as we all know, thrive on routine. We encourage you to make grooming a habitual activity for your dog for his or her own wellbeing. We can also show you some tips and tricks to help maintain your dog in between the grooming sessions.

Happier & Healthier Dog

Regular dog grooming can help identify skin or health issues such as “lumps” and “bumps” and even infections. These symptoms, if identified in the early stages will save you expensive trips to the vet and is guaranteed to keep your dog healthy and happy. But one of the best advantages to grooming fur, trimming nails, and keeping your dog’s ears and eyes clean – Clean, well-groomed dogs are a pleasure to cuddle and curl up next to! A regularly groomed dog will automatically result in a happier and healthier dog. And boy… will they thank you for all that extra TLC!


Please feel free to browse around this site to see the services we offer.  Our dog grooming price estimates are listed on our Services page, and may vary depending on various factors: coat condition, age, size, type of trim, as well as owner preference. You will be advised of the total cost at the beginning of every groom.

Does your dog have

  • A dirty coat?

  • Dandruff or flaky skin?

  • Long and sharp nails?

  • Matts or tangles?

  • A messy rear end?

  • Smelly n Sticky ears?

  • Having a bad hair day?

  • Itchy or dry skin?

Perhaps he/she simply deserves a super pampering session?

If you answered YEP to any of the above, then what your dog needs is a professional dog groomer and you have come to the right place! At The Pet Stylist we can take care of all of these problems and more! 

You are most welcome to come along and view the salon, and meet us with your dog.

Please contact us for an appointment and allow The Pet Stylist to transform your dog from Great to Gorgeous!